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Issue #21: Managing Memory

In this issue, we look at tools that help you manage memory, processes, security, and virtual machines.

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In this issue, we look at tools that help you manage memory, processes, security, and virtual machines.

Memory management on high-end systems
Even Linux systems with large amounts of main memory are not protected against bottlenecks and potentially drastic performance degradation because of memory shortage. In this article, we investigate the complex causes and test potential solutions.

Forensic analysis with Redline and Volatility
We show you how to dig deep to find hidden and covert processes, clandestine communications, and signs of misconduct on your network.

TheSSS – The small server suite
Want to set up a full-fledged web, file, or proxy server in 10 seconds? No problem with TheSSS, the smallest server suite in the world. The new 8.0 version of this useful Linux distribution weighs in at a mere 30MB.

Enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management with open source
Modern enterprises require powerful ERP and CRM solutions to manage processes, but the high cost of proprietary solutions can be prohibitive. We look at some open source options.

Building big iron in the cloudwith Google Compute Engine
Google Compute Engine removes the technical and financial headaches of maintaining server, networking, and storage.


Save time and simplify your workday with these useful tools for real-world systems administration.

OpenLDAP server workshop
Centralized user management with LDAP or Active Directory is the standard today, although many prefer to manage user data manually rather than build this kind of infrastructure. In this article, we look at a better approach with OpenLDAP.

Kolab iRony with CalDAV and CardDAV support
Open standards and open source are requisite in Kolab groupware. The alpha release of version 3.1 hugely extended the number of compatible clients with the CalDAV and CardDAV protocols, making Kolab data available on iOS and Mac OS  X and in Thunderbird and Evolution.

Supercharge your Websitewith Amazon CloudFront
Users who lose interest in websites that don't respond in the expected time take their clicks elsewhere. We look at ways to improve your WordPress website performance.


Virtual environments are becoming faster, more secure, and easier to set up and use. Check out these tools.

Guard against breakouts on your virtual machines
A common misconception posits that software cannot cause mischief if you lock the system away in a virtual machine, because even if an intruder compromises the web server on the virtual machine, it will only damage the guest. If you believe this, you are in for a heap of hurt.

Hyper-V with the SMB 3 protocol
Microsoft has introduced several improvements to Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 with its Server Message Block 3. Hyper-V mainly benefits from faster and more stable access to network storage. In this article, we look at the innovations.


Use these practical apps to extend, simplify, and automate routine admin tasks.

Monitoring with collectd 4.3
Collectd 4.3 is a comprehensive monitoring tool with a removable plugin architecture.

First steps in IT automation by Rex
Rex doesn't need agents or a special language to describe the tasks it performs on remote computers.

Nuts and Bolts

Timely tutorials on fundamental techniques for systems administrators.

High availability without Pacemaker
Managing your cluster could be so simple if it weren't so complicated. The object of many an admin's wrath in such cases is often a single component: Pacemaker. Luckily, other open source tools offer alternative options for high availability.

Monitoring HPC Systems
Ganglia is probably the most popular monitoring framework and tool in that HPC, Big Data, and even cloud systems are using it. In this article, we show you how to install and configure Ganglia and get it up and running on a simple two-node system.

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