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Issue #20: IPv6 Firewall

In this issue we look at tools that can help you lock down security and improve performance.

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Acquiring a Memory Image: We describe tools you can use to obtain a memory image of an infected system.

KVM on NUMA: Optimizing non-uniform memory access (NUMA) can help you increase the performance of KVM virtual machines.

Getting Started with OSSIM: OSSIM gives IT security professionals the ability to manage disparate security data from a variety of sources.

Log Analysis with SEC: The Simple Event Correlator is a small Perl program that supports analysis of logfiles with a view to security.

ip6tables Rules: We design a basic set of ip6tables rules for an IPv6 firewall.

Save time and simplify your workday with these useful tools for real-world systems administration.

Knowledge Management: Free knowledgebase components give structure to information stored in scattered documentation.

Hadoop for Everyone: Hadoop 2.x and associated tools promise to deliver big data solutions to anyone with unstructured data and the need for multidimensional analyses.

Python Joblib: The Joblib Python Library handles parallelization, memorization, and saving and loading objects.

Endian and Sophos UTM: Two new versions of Unified Threat Management systems.

Small Business Server: You might not need to upgrade to the latest Windows server, but you should stay up to date.

Virtual environments are becoming faster, more secure, and easier to set up and use. Check out these tools.

Docker: Docker helps the Linux container achieve an appealing comeback by integrating some functionality and usability features missing in LXC containers alone.

VMM Snapshots: In the scope of developing Fedora 20, the live snapshot function long supported by libvirt was integrated with the graphical front end. Now you can freeze your virtual KVM and Xen machines in VMM at the press of a button.

Use these practical apps to extend, simplify, and automate routine admin tasks.

Ubuntu Landscape: Manually maintaining large IT infrastructures almost inevitably leads to errors. Enter Canonical’s Landscape, a commercial tool that uses a web interface and an API to gather information, render it graphically, and complete maintenance work.

Zabbix 2.2: The popular and free network monitoring tool Zabbix can configure hosts for direct monitoring in an easy web interface. The latest release even lets you monitor VMware machines.

Timely tutorials on fundamental techniques for systems administrators.

Node.js: Web application development is becoming increasingly complex, and the number of libraries and frameworks available for the job can be overwhelming. We take a look at the popular JavaScript-based Node.js.

HA Exchange Databases: Companies wanting to operate Exchange for high availability need to work with database availability groups. In this article, we show you what to watch out for while exploring how DAGs work and how to use them.

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