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Issue #283: AI Tools

Everyone is fascinated with AI right now, but at the end of all the articles and interviews and research, it is fair to ask, what can I do with it really? This month we highlight some AI-based tools that will help you build your own chatbot, sharpen photo images, and more.

On the DVD: Nobara 39 and Manjaro 23.1.4 Gnome

Linux Magazine #283 - Print Issue

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Kernel News
* How to Handle Vendor Code
* Shrinking an Old Attack Surface

Chatbots with Rasa
Many websites offer an automated feature that responds to visitor questions. If you're ready to build your own web chatbot, but don't have time to become an AI expert, Rasa Open Source can help.

Want to create a poster from an everyday photo image? Upscayl uses state-of-the-art AI algorithms to scale up images without loss.

Pinokio gathers open source AI apps from the fields of audio, image generation, and animation under a shared interface for easy installation.

Distro Walk – Nobara
Nobara, a heavily modified fork of Fedora featuring a non-free repository, places a focus on gaming and everyday users.

PostgreSQL, an open source object-relational database management system known for its reliability and extensibility, offers a robust feature set. If you are new to PostgreSQL, we help you get started with some of its most useful features.

Command Line – pandoc
In search of tool for creating multiple documents from a single source, Bruce revisits the universal document converter, pandoc.

Programming Snapshot – Go Pool Simulation
To improve his skill at the pool table, Mike Schilli sets out to program a simulation in Go using the Fyne framework.

OpenWrt on a Pi
Light open source router firmware breathes new life into your old Raspberry Pi.

Exploit the full power of your microcontroller with the FreeRTOS multitasking operating system.

Doghouse – HPC
Exploring Rasp Pi clusters and high performance computing.

Learn how to quickly get up and running with Shinobi NVR and your IP cameras.

Vale Style
Maintaining a consistent style in texts can become challenging when multiple individuals contribute to a magazine or a software project's documentation. Vale helps you check your texts. It even allows you to create your own custom rules.

This month we look at CuTE 0.0.1, ezcat 1.0, Hasty Paste 1.9.0, cupidfetch, and more!

Tutorial – LosslessCut
Stitch the best parts of your home videos together – without diminishing the quality.

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