Linux Magazine 2011 - Digital Issue Archive

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This Digital Issue Archive consists of all twelve Linux Magazine issues published in 2011: ideal for researching, looking up information or reading a particular article one more time.

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Linux Magazine 2011 - Digital Issue Archive

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What you get in this Digital Issue Archive:

Linux Magazine #122 "Interoperability" (Digital PDF Version):
Why can't we all just get along? With the tools and methods we feature in this issue, you can make sure everybody plays nice. Learn how to find intrusions with Caine, the Ubuntu-based forensic distro. We'll take a look at the license-free video codec VP8 and the supporting WebM container. We will explore the Java-based open source tool Data Crow and teach you how to manage all of your collections. You'll also learn how to manage your digital images with imgSeek.

Linux Magazine #123 "Name Game" (Digital PDF Version):
This month we look at tools, technologies, and techniques for the next generation of system administrators. We will show you why a little bait is all you need to turn up spammers with project Honey Pot. We look into professional 3D modeling for everyone with Blender 2.5. In addition, Gnome and KDE developers team up on a cross-desktop keyring tool.

Linux Magazine #124 "Discover Btrfs" (Digital PDF Version):
Smart, mobile devices are hot and getting hotter. We look at some Linux tools for the mobile revolution. Learn how to keep all your devices on the same page with Funambol, an open source syncing solution. If iTunes isn't for you, you can still manage your music with the GPL'd gtkpod toolkit. And if those bulky default desktop tools are weighing down your netbook, try some lightweight and agile apps.

Linux Magazine #125 "Locked Down" (Digital PDF Version):
This month, we examine some Snort helper apps, explore the Prelude IDS, and study an open source methodology for security compliance:
OSSTMM 3: Open source tools let you test security compliance according to the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual.
Intrusion Detection: Prelude displays host- and network-based IDS messages in an easy web interface.
Snort Helpers: Snorby, OpenFPC, and Pulled Pork extend the performance of this venerable porcine intrusion detection engine.

Linux Magazine #126 "Choose a Cloud" (Digital PDF Version):
We take a practical look at cloud computing, including real-world configurations based on several popular platforms:
OpenNebula: Create a private or hybrid cloud with this laaS open source toolbox.
UEC Services: Construct and destroy VMs with Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud Services.
Amazon Web Services: We show you a real-world custom solution built around the Amazon cloud.
OpenStack: The OpenStack cloud framework is finally ready for real networks.
CSA: The Cloud Security Alliance addresses security in the cloud.
Interview: Jim Reavis talks about the CSA mission.

Linux Magazine #127 "New Tech" (Digital PDF Version):
This month, we open the door to some promising new technologies, including facial recognition and the semantic web. We show you how to create, process and analyze semantic data with the Apache Jena platform. You'll learn how the innovative ZFS filesystem integrates RAID and volume management. And see how digiKam and libface bring facial recognition to your desktop. 

Linux Magazine #128 "udev Tricks" (Digital PDF Version):
This month, learn how to customize your hardware configuration through the powerful udev system. We also help you optimize your code for the processor topology, and we show you how to use your smartphone as a remote.

Linux Magazine #129 "Working with Windows" (Digital PDF Version):
If you have to live with Windows, you might was well make the most of it.
Cover stories:
Samba and Windows 7: Samba provides Windows-ready file and print services on mixed networks. We'll show you how to set up a Samba server for Windows 7 clients.
Cygwin: Cygwin lets you run Linux applications on Windows. The package even includes a shell environment and some popular Linux command-line utilities.

Linux Magazine #130 "Virtualization" (Digital PDF Version):
Virtualization saves money, saves space, and helps you build a stronger web presence. We show you some top tools for next-generation virtual environments.
Cover stories:
Auto-Installing XenServer: Install the XenServer hypervisor over the network.
Archipel: This cross-hypervisor management tool chats with servers over the Jabber protocol.
Open Dropbox Alternatives: Check out these free alternatives to the popular Dropbox service.
Cross-Cloud Services:A cross-cloud service lets you manage instances across multiple providers.

Linux Magazine #131 "Linux 3.0" (Digital PDF Version):
Linux 3.0: Not so much is brand new in the Linux 3.0 kernel, but much has changed since the original 2.6 release.
Cover stories:
Linus Torvalds: Linux creator Linus Torvalds reveals the state of the kernel and looks at the path ahead.
Linux 3.0: We take a close look inside the Linux kernel.
Knoppix Architecture: We also take a tour of the most popular Live Linux.

Linux Magazine #132 "Real-World HPC" (Digital PDF Version):
Real-World HPC: High performance isn't just for research institutions anymore. Universities, hosting companies, hospitals, and even some mid-range corporate networks are taking up the HPC challenge.
Cover Story:
HPC: Buying the hardware is only the first step in the path to building your own high-performance cluster. This month, we take you through the steps of setting up your own HPC system with Kickstart, SSH, and Son of Grid Engine.

Linux Magazine #133 "The New Web" (Digital PDF Version):
The New Web: Prepare for the next-generation web, as HTML5 rolls out some powerful new cross-platform development features and the Internet moves from IPv4 to IPv6.
Cover Story:
HTML5 Graphics: HTML5 provides some powerful graphics capabilities for building cross-platform applications.
Web Mapping: Web Mapping: Integrate maps into your website with OpenLayers, MapFish, and Mapbender.
IPv6 Programming: IPv6 in C/C++, Python, and Perl.
BlueGriffon: This versatile web editor supports HTML5 and CSS3.

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