Linux Magazine 2008 - Digital Issue Archive

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This Digital Issue Archive consists of all twelve Linux Magazine issues published in 2008: ideal for researching, looking up information or reading a particular article one more time.

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Linux Magazine 2008 - Digital Issue Archive

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What you get in this Digital Issue Archive:

Linux Magazine #86 "Kernel Tricks" (Digital PDF Version):
Developers are constantly looking for new ways to interact with the versatile Linux kernel. This month we study some innovative projects leading deep into kernel space. We'll examine userspace drivers, Cloop, KVM, and LogFS.
Other highlights include an in-depth look at email suites, Adobe Reader vs. Xpdf and Evince, 64 Studio and JAD audio distros, Plone 3.0, the Outguess command-line steganography app, IMAP proxies, the Vim editor, the Hotwire graphical shell, Gobby editing tool, extensions, and tools for converting text formats.

Linux Magazine #87 "PHP Scripting" (Digital PDF Version):
The PHP scripting language is one of the most powerful tools in the web developer's toolkit. This month we examine PHP in the Linux world. We tour some PHP development environments and examine a few important resources for PHP developers.
Other articles show you how to manage your schedule with Mozilla's Sunbird, keep documents in sync with Conduit and Unison, create your own udev rules, serve Outlook clients from Linux with Zarafa, root out power hogs with PowerTOP, and keep your calendar and contact data in sync with Funambol.

Linux Magazine #88 "Build your own Distro" (Digital PDF Version):
We look at tools and techniques for creating custom Linux systems, including Linux From Scratch, NimbleX Live CD Generator, Kiwi image system, and the Ubuntu Customization Kit.
You'll also learn more about connecting a MIDI instrument to your Linux sound system, Puppy Linux, backing up your laptop with Box Backup, IPv6, Puppet, isp-switch, Gnash, ImageMagick, DokuWiki, MPlayer, and the Asus Eee PC.

Linux Magazine #89 "Software as a Service (Digital PDF Version):
You can find a web service that does almost anything your home computer can do. This month, we study the world of Software as a Service (SaaS) for Linux users.
We introduce you to the openSUSE Build Service and the Prado PHP-development environment. Also, we look at third-party e-commerce payment services and some handy utilities that will help you integrate Google services into your conventional operating environment.

Linux Magazine #90 "Going Virtual" (Digital PDF Version):
This month, we take an in-depth look at virtualization. We show you how to get started with Xen, we look inside Innotek’s VirtualBox virtualization tool, and we examine a new breed of rootkits that will exploit the powers of virtualization.
Other articles show you how to create digital photo albums with Album Shaper, let your web applications escape the confines of the browser interface with Mozilla's Prism, graph your portfolio's performance with Perl, and dig into DNS Security Extensions.

Linux Magazine #91 "Expert Security" (Digital PDF Version):
Internet intruders have many ingenious ways of escalating privileges and hiding their presence once they get inside your system. The best protection is to keep them out in the cold. In this issue, we focus on keeping your systems secure. We look at single-packet port knocking, tools for stopping dictionary attacks, and take a close look at SELinux.
Other articles in this issue look at Sshutout and Fail2ban, access control lists, the new Mozilla Firefox, Freenet, Liferay, Sandboxing, rsyslog, configuring a virtual web server, and more.

Linux Magazine #92 "Network Monitoring" (Digital PDF Version):
This month we examine monitoring tools and tricks so you can discover problems before they develop. We look at some helpful monitoring tools, including Hobbit, Nagios, and Monit. You'll learn how to build and interpret MRTG graphs, watch your logs with check_logfiles, and watch your systems with a Nagios traffic light.
Other articles examine the new Gnome and GCC 4.3, the Adriane audio desktop system, Inkscape, Rhythmbox, FreeMind, and phpLogCon.

Linux Magazine #93 "Tracing Intruders" (Digital PDF Version):
If you uncover a break-in, proceed carefully, stay hidden, gather information, and make sure you don’t disturb any evidence. This month we explore some tools and technologies for finding the footprints of thieves.
Topics covered in this issue include BackTrack and Sleuth Kit, Foremost, Scalpel, PhotoRec, the Open Computer Forensics Architecture, openSUSE 11.0, TorK, OpenWrt, DCCP, Totem, recordMyDesktop, BackupPC, soundKonverter, eyeOS and Ulteo, process control, Drupal Camp Toronto, photo stitching, and more.

Linux Magazine #94 "Web Tricks" (Digital PDF Version):
Web developers are always looking for an edge, so this month we explore tricks for faster, more effective websites. We look at trackbacks, Cascading Style Sheets, the Java Content Repository, and Apache load balancing.
Other articles examine Yoggie Gatekeeper Pico, Wine, TimeVault, OpenMP, BeeDiff, RadialNet, retouching photos with the help of a Perl script, the yafc ftp client, the Bookmarks Menu Extension, how to organize a community event, and reports from Red Hat Summit and USENIX.

Linux Magazine #95 "Green IT" (Digital PDF Version):
Where is all the energy going? This month we examine power consumption in Linux. You’ll learn which system components use the most power, and we’ll help you sort fact from fiction in the new world of Green IT.
Other articles take a closer look at Django; the Gambas Basic IDE; Sysstat; the Open Source Voting Consortium; Gnome Do; RawTherapee; Gnome Commander; Udev, HAL, and D-Bus; Ksplice; DNS Attacks; and open source news, projects, and events.

Linux Magazine #96 "Smart Access" (Digital PDF Version):
Who is that user on the other end of the connection? After all these years, passwords are still the most common means for ensuring identity on the network. In this issue, we look at techniques for better password protection, including one-time passwords, Linux and Active Directory, OpenID, and web authentication.
Other articles cover OpenOffice 3.0, Picasa, Sockso, Pygmynote, Gnac, Gourmet Recipe Manager, Google Web Toolkit, FireHOL, Metasploit, Snort, Maxima, and OpenOffice Automation.

Linux Magazine #97 "Seamless Integration" (Digital PDF Version):
Even open source enthusiasts live in a world full of Windows, so this month we examine some expert techniques for better and more seamless integration with Windows environments. We look at cross-platform VPN connections, the admin-friendly Likewise Open authentication system, and how xrdp can help connect your Windows terminal clients to Linux.
But wait! There's much more – we also look at the tiny SliTaz Linux distro, the best Tops imitators, how to build your own Universal Plug & Play solution using the BRisa framework, rootkits, Open Source Job Scheduler, how to catalog your book and CD collection with a blend of Perl and barcodes, Thunderbird Add-Ons, iTalc classroom management software, BambooInvoice, and recent open source events, reviews, and news.

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