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This Digital Issue Archive consists of all twelve Linux Magazine issues published in 2007: ideal for researching, looking up information or reading a particular article one more time.

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Linux Magazine 2007 - Digital Issue Archive

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What you get in this Digital Issue Archive:

Linux Magazine #74 "Accessing NTFS" (Digital PDF Version):
If you have to dual-boot with Windows, or if your Windows system is down with a virus, you'll eventually need to access an NTFS partition. This month we'll show you why accessing NTFS from Linux may be easier than you think
Optimizing Servers: Don't wait until your worst traffic day to start optimizing your server systems. Our panel of Linux experts will show you how to get the best performance from web servers, file servers, mail servers, and database server systems.
Google Web Toolkit: Google recently released a powerful set of web development tools. The Google Web Toolkit lets you develop complex web applications in Java and automatically convert them to AJAX-based apps.

Linux Magazine #75 "OpenDocument Unfolded" (Digital PDF Version):
OpenDocument Unfolded: The OpenDocument File format has arrived and other applications are building in support. Find out how portable ODF is when we test how applications like Abiword, Kword, and Writely handle a document created in OpenOffice. Also, see how to open an ODF file in Microsoft Word.
Sysadmin Stories: Peek inside an IT diary as Charly and his colleagues tackle realworld admin problems like VLANs, rogue DHCP servers, and Ethernet bonding.
Vista and Linux: Vista will soon replace XP as Microsoft's desktop system, so we can expect new Linux compatibility issues. Take a closer look at Vista from a Linux interoperability perspective.

Linux Magazine #76 "Blocking Spam" (Digital PDF Version):
Blocking Spam: Spammers continue to develop new ways of harvesting email addresses and slipping unwanted messages through filters. This month, we look at techniques for fighting spam. You'll learn how to protect your email addresses, create a tarpit, and build a trainable spam filter. We'll also test out some spam-prevention tools and services.
Rockbox: This firmware alternative for iPods and other music players adds new features to your MP3 device.
Upstart:The Upstart project promises a new start for the Linux boot process. We'll discuss why the legacy System V boot scheme is past its prime, and we'll show why many experts believe that Upstart is a better and faster way to start Linux.

Linux Magazine #77 "Detecting Intruders" (Digital PDF Version):
Detecting Intruders: Protect your network with some easy tools for Linux. This month, we'll check out some intrusion detection methods.
Mondo and Mindi: Back up complete hard disks, including partitions and the boot manager, with Mondo.
KTools: Spam Filter: KMail with the CRM114 spam filter can help you manage your mail.

Linux Magazine #78 "Accessing NTFS" (Digital PDF Version):
Living With Vista: Windows Vista is on its way to your network. What will Vista break? What problems will it cause for Linux? Where will you find the tools you'll need to promote interoperability? In this month's cover story, we focus on making Vista work with Linux.
Write Barriers: If your hard disk uses a write cache, your journaling filesystem may not have an accurate record of write operations. If you plan on troubleshooting, you'll need to know how Linux uses write barriers to manage the process of writing to disk.
Krusader: The orthodox or twin-panel file manager offers many benefits for the busy user. We'll show you how to save time and simplify file management with this handy twin-panel file manager for KDE.

Linux Magazine #79 "Network Monitoring with Nagios" (Digital PDF Version):
Network Monitoring with Nagios: This month you'll learn how to keep your systems healthy with Nagios, a free and easily extensible network monitoring tool. We'll show you how to use Nagios to watch for potential problems, display reports in a graph or HTML-based table, and send you an alert if problems arise.
Ruby and Glade: Learn how to create an example screenshot application with the powerful combination of the Ruby language and the Glade interface development system.
Mindquarry: This easy-to-use, open source collaboration system can help small workgroups with file sharing, task management, and wiki editing.

Linux Magazine #80 "Bluetooth Hacks" (Digital PDF Version):
Bluetooth Hacks: This month you'll learn how to secure and customize your Bluetooth devices. We'll show you how to block eavesdroppers, connect PCs, use your Bluetooth phone as a modem, set up a Bluetooth headset, and configure Bluetooth printing.
Review: Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 "Etch": Marcel Gagné takes a close look at the graphical installer and other new features in the latest Debian.
Workspace: txt2tags: This convenient document generator lets you write in any text editor and then publish the results in a range of formats, including (X)HTML, MoinMoin wiki, LaTeX, and SGML.

Linux Magazine #81 "Python Tricks" (Digital PDF Version):
Python Tricks: This month, you'll learn how to start creating your own Python scripts, and also how to extend and expand your scripting skills. AEleen Frisch introduces Python code snippets and annotated scripts in action. We'll show you how to optimize your stable Python scripts, how to develop scalable applications with Stackless Python, and we'll examine some of the leading Python Integrated Development Environments (IDEs).
Burning with Brasero: The user-friendly Brasero is feature rich and simplifies burning on Gnome.
Google Earth: We journey through Google Earth version 4 in the Linux environment.

Linux Magazine #74 "Accessing NTFS" (Digital PDF Version):

Linux Magazine #74 "Accessing NTFS" (Digital PDF Version):

Linux Magazine #74 "Accessing NTFS" (Digital PDF Version):

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