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Issue 23 (Winter 2014): Make Art with Ubuntu Create

Get Creative. Development of open source applications for artistic creativity has exploded in the past 5 to 10 years. You would have to be very particular indeed to not find an app for your Ubuntu machine that didn’t satisfy your personal artistic needs. Not only that, but some of these Free Software projects have gone mainstream in a big way.

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Software For Your Inner Artist
Many projects are available for Linux to help you develop your artistic creativity. In this issue, we cover some of the projects that stand out the most.

Openav Suite
Create music with OpenAV! Use high-quality audio effects and instruments, apply digital effects and software instruments... and then mix, and master!

Interview: Harry Van Haaren
He performs drum n bass live on Linux. Who's behind the neon knobs? We talk to OpenAV Productions founder Harry van Haaren about synths, stage performance, and a salary of 1.15 euros an hour.

Video Compositing
With Natron The Natron video program competes with larger, commercial programs, such as AfterEffects and Nuke.

Video DVDs And Slideshows With 2Mandvd
It's not just the multimedia geeks who can now produce great video DVDs. 2ManDVD can help everybody become a professional.

Print Artwork Workflow
Printing firms currently market their services on the Internet and printing has never been cheaper. Linux provides two programs, Inkscape and Scribus, that together produce highquality print artwork.

Celtic Knots With Knotter
Would you like to adorn your letterhead with an attractive Celtic knot? Drawing one by hand is a laborious task, but Knotter provides a variety of functions to get the job done in a matter of minutes.

Know How

Docker Containers
Docker is an economical alternative to conventional virtualization. Docker enjoys the resource isolation and allocation benefits of VMs but is much more portable and efficient.

Leo Editor
Programmers and web designers need to manage a variety of information from one central point. The Leo editor steps up to the challenge in several clever ways.

Commercial And Free Thesauri
A deft use of language can give a text the perfect finish. Those who wish to steer clear of commercial thesauri can find world-class free software alternatives.

Openldap Central Administration
If you have multiple users logging into different computers or applications, the LDAP directory service can help you manage everything.

Zentyal Server 3.5
Zentyal simplifies configuration of web servers, email servers, firewalls, and the like thanks to its intuitive user interface.

Monitoring System Access
Linux automatically executes protocols on the activities that take place on the system. This article looks at ways to keep track of users who've logged in.


Libreoffice Base
A database without a search function is like a car without an engine. The second part of our Base series is dedicated to implementing a database search.

Chrome Privacy
Google Chrome constantly phones home. With a little effort and the appropriate add-ons, however, you can prevent transmitting unwanted data.

Building a Clipboard
Not every window manager provides a program for managing a clipboard. With Zenity and a script, you can comfortably control Xclip from anywhere.


LoCo Teams
Communities are the lifeblood of Open Source. Barely a day goes by without hearing some mention of community – whether it's in a magazine, a local book club, your closest group of friends, or any one of a million other places.

Discovery Guide
If you are new to Ubuntu, these timely tutorials will help you get started.

Installing Ubuntu 14.10
We'll walk you through upgrading or installing the latest ubuntu release.

Network and Updates
Use the NetworkManager to access your WiFi and download updates.

Package Management
Ubuntu's Software Center lets you install just about anything

You can configure your Ubuntu system to support movies, music, and Internet telephony. We present some favorite multimedia apps.

Virtual Windows on Linux
We show you how to use VirtualBox to set up a Windows XP virtual machine on your existing Linux system.

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