Linux Magazine 2010 - Digital Issue Archive

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This Digital Issue Archive consists of all twelve Linux Magazine issues published in 2010: ideal for researching, looking up information or reading a particular article one more time.

Add issues #110 to #121 (Jan to Dec 2010) to your digital access account now! You'll be able to download a PDF of every issue as often, and wherever you want.

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Linux Magazine 2010 - Digital Issue Archive

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What you get in this Digital Issue Archive:

Linux Magazine #110 "Traffic Shaping" (Digital PDF Version):
System Administration: This month we look at traffic shaping and other techniques for the sys admin. We'll show you some process monitoring tools, and we'll examine a distro designed to turn your PC into a network-attached storage device.

Linux Magazine #111 "Surving Windows 7" (Digital PDF Version):
Surviving Windows: Every new Microsoft Windows release brings a new crop of interoperability challenges. This month we look at some Linux interoperability tools in Windows and discuss some apps for running Linux on Windows 7

Linux Magazine #112 "The Strange Art of Steganography" (Digital PDF Version):
Steganography and Other Security Techniques – You've configured a firewall and set up an intrusion detection framework. What else can you do to lock down your network and protect your privacy? This month we study some smart security techniques:

Linux Magazine #113 "Bluetooth Security" (Digital PDF Version):
Most people don’t give a second thought to Bluetooth security, but that address book on your mobile phone might be more vulnerable than you think. Bluetooth devices are surprisingly susceptible to snooping, but the new Bluetooth 2.1 specification could floss some of the gaps. This month we’ll show you how an intruder can get past your phone’s defenses.

Linux Magazine #114 "Customize Your Linux" (Digital PDF Version):
The infinitely flexible Linux lets you customize almost anything. This month Marcel Gagné tours some alternative windows managers and desktops for Linux. We take a close look at some popular Linux filesystems and help you decide which filesystem is right for your environment. Learn how to automate your desktop with Sikuli, an innovative tool that lets you build scripts from screenshots, and find out how to create your own applets for KDE 4’s powerful Plasma desktop.

Linux Magazine #115 "File Storage" (Digital PDF Version):
Life was so easy when all the data for a stand-alone computer stayed on a little local hard drive. This month we look at filesystems for solid-state drives and show how to connect Linux clients with Microsoft Active Directory networks.

Linux Magazine #116 "Inside KDE's New Desktop" (Digital PDF Version):
When we set out to look for emerging technologies that are making their way into real projects, our focus quickly fell on the innovative KDE project. We show you the semantic web technology in KOffice, and we study how to build a custom plasmoid applet. Then we round out our emerging technology set with a study of 3D printing.

Linux Magazine #117 "In The Clouds" (Digital PDF Version):
Cloud computing is changing the way businesses, home users, and even mobile phone users interact with their systems. This month we examine some practical tools that bring the promise of cloud computing to Linux environments. We examine Scalr and RightScale, which scale your cloud presences automatically -- so you never have more or less than you need. We show you how to deploy and manage your own virtual machines with Amazon Web Services. We also look at icloud, eyeOS, and other tools for the cloud user.

Linux Magazine #118 "Virtualization" (Digital PDF Version):
This month, we explore some variations on the theme of virtualization in Linux. You will learn how to configure better authentication in VirtualBox environments, how to manage multi-gigabyte VM disk images, and how to achieve high-availability fault tolerance with Xen 4 and Remus.

Linux Magazine #119 "Discover the New Web" (Digital PDF Version):
Advances in the web realm are creating a more vital, dynamic, and secure Internet. This month, we take you on a tour of the new HTML 5 standard. We also get you online with the Drupal CMS, show you an innovative, client-side database, and describe a tool for testing your websites.

Linux Magazine #120 "Tuning MySQL" (Digital PDF Version):
Database performance depends on a number of factors you must identify, analyze, and fine-tune in a systematic way. Learn how to test, measure, and optimize your MySQL installation from the bottom up by looking at your hardware, operating system, and database.

Linux Magazine #121 "Detection" (Digital PDF Version):
If you want to keep the intruders off your network, you have to learn to think as they think. This month, we show you some tricks of the trade. We look at the Metasploit framework, which helps you attack your own network and look for the gaps. You'll learn about some techniques the attackers use to fly under the radar, and we'll show you how to set up your own security camera system.

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