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Discover The New B+ Board

Inside the pages of this issue of Raspberry Pi Geek, we've got lots of the amazing apps and cool projects you've come to expect from Raspberry Pi Geek. We'll explore the new Raspberry Pi Model B+ including an interview with Eben Upton about the recent changes and what they mean for the Raspberry Pi. We'll also look at running a greenhouse with your Arduino, using the Hover board to detects hand movements, swipes, and taps, we check out the ExpEYES (Experiments for Young Engineers and Scientists) kit, a powerful science lab for the Raspberry Pi, and much more!

On the DVD: NOOBS 1.3.9

Raspberry Pi Geek #07 - Print Issue

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NOOBS 1.3.9
- Raspbian
- OpenELEC
- Pidora
- Raspbmc
- Arch Linux

The new Raspberry Pi Model B+, wearables hacked, and more.

Interview: Eben Upton
We talk with Eben Upton about the new Raspberry Pi Model B+.

Exploring the B+
The new Raspberry Pi Model B+ is the biggest change to Raspberry Pi since the Model B Rev 2
upgrade two years ago. Find out what’s new with the new Model B+ computer.

ExpEYES Science Kit
The ExpEYES kit brings the power of a professional science lab to a personal computer. If that
computer is a Raspberry Pi, you’ll get lots of great experiments at a very affordable price.

The Pi UPS bridges short lapses in the power supply and shuts down your Rasp Pi safely.

Touch Displays
For mobile access, you can connect the Rasp Pi to a small touchscreen instead of a large HDMI screen.

The HDMIPi 9-inch HD screen has been a hotly anticipated addon for the Raspberry Pi. We talked with HDMIPi creator David Mellor.

PHP on Raspberry Pi
Get started with PHP on Raspberry Pi. We show how to build a simple PHP app to control an LED.

SwitchDoc Labs: Real-Time Clock
If your Rasp Pi project needs to keep time, and you don’t have a reliable Internet connection, you’ll need a real-time clock.

Raspberry Pi Greenhouse
A greenhouse environment has to be just right. Why not put your Raspberry Pi to work as a gardener to monitor temperature and water plants?

Home Automation
The Raspberry Pi GPIO interface offers the perfect starting point for controlling devices, such as turning lights on and off, starting the coffee machine, or playing movies at scheduled times.

Hover Board
The Hover board detects hand movements, swipes, and taps.

After losing one weather station to tropical winds, the author reboots and designs a PCB that connects to an Arduino and monitors weather instruments.

Using PyGame to implement a fully playable version of the classic “Robots” game.

Kid Stop
Scratch Programming
A quick-reaction game provides an introduction to building simple circuits with the Raspberry Pi and controlling those circuits with ScratchGPIO, an advanced version of Scratch.

Pi in Space
In the not-too-distant future, the Raspberry Pi will take off and make a voyage into space. We review the CubeSat Project and talk to Patrick Stakem, a pioneer of open source in space.

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