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We bring you some more practical experiments this month. You'll learn about BrickPi, a product that lets you use your Raspberry Pi as a built-in control center for Lego Mindstorms robots. We'll also show you how to configure your Pi so you can control it using a standard infrared TV remote. We'll employ the Pi on the network as a DHCP/DNS server, and we'll even show you hot to control a legacy Nikon film camera with a Raspberry Pi.

On the DVD: Raspberry Pi Distro Sampler

Raspberry Pi Geek #03 - Print Issue

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What's in this issue?

Colocation of Rasp Pi servers
A recent trend shows several data centers are offering professional hosting services for Raspberry Pis. What is this all about?

Interview with Eben Upton and Gordon Hollingworth
We talk with Eben Upton and Gordon Hollingworth at Raspberry Pi Towers in Cambridge.

Building Rasp Pi into Mindstorms projects with BrickPi
BrickPi lets you build a Raspberry Pi into your Lego Mindstorms projects – you can even connect your Pi to Mindstorms sensors and motors.

Multi-installer NOOBS for the Raspberry Pi
The NOOBS boot manager helps beginners try out Raspberry Pi operating systems. It also lets advanced users dig into the structure of the systems and adapt them as they like.

Cool Tools for the Raspberry Pi
Linux repositories are full of useful tools for the Raspberry Pi. We explore some network tools you might not have noticed.

Controlling your Pi with an infrared remote
A few tricks and some ready-made Linux tools will help you configure your Pi to respond to commands from the same kind of infrared remote control device you use with your TV.

Graphical displays with Python and Pygame
As its name implies, Pygame is a set of Python modules designed to write games. However, many Pygame modules are useful for any number of projects. We introduce you to a few Pygame modules that you can use to create custom graphical displays for your project.

Setting up Raspberry Pi as a DHCP, NTP, and DNS server
The versatile Raspberry Pi can serve many roles on a home network. We'll show you how to set up the Pi to provide some important network services.

Control your old film camera with a Raspberry Pi
Using the techniques provided here, you can control a film SLR camera and a USB GPS receiver with a Raspberry Pi.

Adding analog input to the Pi using the Digispark
Analog input needs special treatment in the digital Raspberry Pi world. We show you what you need to do to get analog data into your Rasp Pi via the USB port.

Capemgr keeps track of the BeagleBone Black's expansion boards, known as capes
The BeagleBone Black offers many interfacing options, but how can you control which ones are used and how they are configured? We take a detailed look at the Black's Capemgr subsystem and the device tree data structure it manages.

Fun with Arduino
The Arduino platform is not limited just to serious home automation projects. In this article, we show you how easy it is to make something fun.

Raspberry Pi as a backup for a conventional PC
Is the Rasp Pi only for hobbies and experimenting, or will it work as a replacement desktop system?

Learning to program with Minecraft
No two ways about it: For knowledge to stick, the training must be entertaining. Fortunately, learning to program in Python has just become a lot more fun – now you can learn by playing Minecraft.

Programming velocity and speed in Scratch
We show you how to program speed and direction by guiding a rocket through a maze of alien UFOs.

Geeks meet in Luxembourg for Pi and More 4
The fourth incarnation of the Pi and More conference brought Raspberry Pi fans together for a day of lectures, workshops, ideas, and experiences.

Touring the Asian Rasp Pi scene
Raspberry Pi is an international phenomenon that encourages people around the world to express their creativity. We present information about Raspberry Pi Jams that have taken place in different countries in Asia.

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Raspberry Pi Geek #03 - Digital Issue

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