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Issue 20 (Spring 2014): Explorers

Explore the World. The great outdoors offers a world to discover. But you wouldn't go anywhere interesting without a plan and a camera, would you? With the right tools, Ubuntu can also be part of your adventures. Read on to find out how....

On the DVD: Kubuntu 13.10 + Linux Mint 16 (64-bit)

Ubuntu User #20 - Print Issue

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Table of Contents


  • Intro – Exploring the World with Ubuntu: Just because you’re a geek, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy going out into the open. Fortunately, Ubuntu can bring you the best of both the virtual and real worlds.
  • Creating Images with GPS Data: When you get back from a trip, you’re usually bursting to tell everybody all about it and share your photos. Organizing your pics by location makes it easier to describe your adventures.
  • Marble Virtual Globe: Once a regular part of every classroom, the good old world globe has been almost completely replaced by Google Maps. With the Marble program, the globe has made something of a timely comeback.
  • Managing GPS Tracks: If you want to capture your travels not only on film but also with a GPS logger, MyTourbook provides the ideal software to manage and evaluate your GPS tracks.
  • DIY Off-Road Navigation: An old EeePC with Linux is great solution for creating a powerful offroad navigation system. Putting together some of the components involves some tricks, however.


  • Command-Line Web Radio: With just a few lines of shell code, you can build a flexible and easily adaptable stream player.
  • Virtualization on the Command Line: KVM, with its small yet great set of command-line tools, lets you quickly start virtual machines without having to click through cumbersome menus.
  • Android Virtualization with Genymotionx: The alternative Genymotion Android emulator lets you test a self-developed app under real conditions.
  • Graphviz's Flexible Graphs: Instead of toiling over a graphics layout, you can use Graphviz to concentrate on the essential content and let the software do the design.
  • Zeroshell Workshop: A wireless LAN is easier to set up than a cable LAN but is significantly less secure. A RADIUS server can change that.
  • Computer Speech: The Blather, FreeSpeech, Palaver, Simon, and Vedics speech recognition programs are ready to respond to voice commands. Good in theory, but there are some pitfalls in practice.
  • AnswerbuntuStuart Langridge and Bryan Lunduke, team up (more or less) to answer all your Ubuntu questions.


  • Alternative Image Viewers: If the default Ubuntu image viewer doesn’t cut it for you, there are plenty of other excellent image viewing applications you can choose from.
  • Inkscape Effects: Besides basic drawing functions, Inkscape provides sophisticated effects that can transform vector lines into soft, flowing brushstrokes or automate the drawing of paper-fine lines.
  • SpaceFM Universal File Manager: SpaceFM provides a solid file manager. With additional plugins, you can expand it into an optimized tool for all your daily tasks.
  • Editing Mail with Geary: A new mail program for Linux, Geary, has finally arrived. The smart software brings some fresh air to the genre.
  • Processing Images in Lab Mode: Photivo closes the gap between RAW converters and easy image editing.
  • Editing with Scribes: Working with the Scribes editor isn’t completely automatic, but with a little skill, you can save yourself a lot of typing.


  • Stu's Soapbox: Stuart Langridge ponders the dark matter in the developers’ universe.
  • Funding Open Source Projects: Crowdfunding can help projects get the resources they need.

Discovery Guide

  • Installing Ubuntu 13.10
  • Network and Updates
  • Package Management
  • Multimedia

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