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Issue #4.02 (#8):  Full Service

In this issue we explore how to use Drupal to support smartphone applications and more!

Drupal Watchdog 4.02 (#8) - Print Issue

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Baby Steps
Our intrepid reporter investigated DrupalCon and returned with lots of interviews.

Caffeinated Drupal
Here in the real world of measuring website performance, there are practical steps to producing acceptable results.

Drupal People
It's official: geeks are the new rock stars. Here is one aspirant's journey from garage-band obscurity to the tippy-top of the tippy-top.

The Farmischt Freelancer
Our farmischt freelancer constructs a step-by-step guide to landing that Drupal job and keeping the client happily signing paychecks.

The two primary formats for data exchange on the web battle it out for ease, functionality, and supremacy. And the winner is...

RESTful Web Services Module Basics
Drupal 8 may not be released until Winter 2015. Meanwhile, there is REST for the weary; a simple, effective technique for leveraging the RESTful module in Drupal 7.

Small Sites, Big Drupal
From Drupal's populist, humble beginnings to providing the web's largest, most popular commercial websites: Will Drupal soon be just a tool of the 1%?

Protecting Your Drupal 8 Resources
Let the Right One In! Use Drupal 8 core and contrib modules to solve Authentication and Authorization permissions.

Drush: The Swiss Army Knife for Drupal
Aliases and makefiles are your universal gizmos in this fourth installment of the Drush Trilogy.

Connecting Drupal to Salesforce in Three Easy Steps
Create simple entry forms, quickly map complex Drupal structures, and shuttle data to and fro--for fun and profit.

Version Control Workflow Strategies
On one side, a scheduled release pattern; on the other, continuous deployment. In between, a “hotfix” release and a number of parallel development branches.

Extending Drupal 7 Services into an E-commerce App
Drupal 8 may not be released until... well, you know. Meanwhile, there are ways to make e-commerce usable on portable devices.

Painless User Docs
You built an awesomely gorgeous website. All that remains is to write the (ugh!) user manual. No, you cannot first watch all 800 episodes of Dr. Who again.

Building a Self-Documenting REST API
Drupal 8’s Routing and Entity-Field APIs contain built-in information discovery, which even allows Drupal to document itself. Patience rewarded.

HTML+CSS+JavaScript = Mobile Web App
You need a mobile web app. No, you want – you deserve – a mobile web app. But considering the options – Objective C or Swift for iOS, or Java for Android – you’ve been procrastinating. Well, developer, wait no longer!

Web API Alphabet Soup
As Dionne Warwick once warbled, “wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’ won’t bring Drupal 8 into your arms.” Or something like that. Meanwhile, there’s CRUD (and HAL and POX) to whet your appetite and help you make standards- compliant decisions.

Decoupling Drupal
Drupal 8 will have built-in RESTful web services. Sit tight. Or follow Palantir’s steps in setting up a major media client’s smörgåsbord of movies, TV shows, and other video as an API for a web app, iPhone or Android app, or even a set-top box.

Getting Started With Services Using Views
Drupal 8 may not be ready... Oh right, we said that. Okay, so meanwhile, you want speed, you want beauty, you want passion that leaps off the screen. Here are two great methods for exposing your views components as JSON.

Responsive Themes
The guidelines for responsive web design have become a great deal more complicated since they were introduced back in 2010. Drupal 8 makes them work, even with the slower connection speeds of mobile devices.

Will the Revolution Be Drupalized?
As Drupal – the Little Engine That Could – powers its way up the corporate mountain, it’s driving an ever- larger percentage of the web’s biggest commercial sites. The question is begged: whither Drupal?

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