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Issue #81: Load Balancing

Load balancing on heavily frequented networks improves performance, availability, security, scalability, and the ability to handle peak loads.

On the DVD: SystemRescue 11.01

ADMIN magazine #81 - Print Issue

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Seesaw v2
This sophisticated Layer 4 solution for load balancing facilitates the removal, maintenance, and integration of individual servers.

Win Server Load Balancing
Network load balancing on Windows Server 2019 and 2022 improves performance, particularly for high-traffic websites and applications in which peaks in network traffic can lead to noticeable performance losses or even downtime.

Entra ID Security and Configuration
Discover how configuration as code works with PowerShell and Microsoft 365 DSC for tenant configuration in Entra ID.

Runtime Integrity
The incorporation of integrity information in monitoring substantially improves core security services and enhances security decisions across many use cases.

Systat improves on the usual Linux monitoring tools by providing information about the past.

The command-line client for Windows Package Manager improves your software installation experience and provides a way to create and share software in the WinGet package format for publishing to public and private repos.

Optimize Azure VMs on Linux
Master advanced configuration techniques for Azure virtual machines on Linux with a focus on optimizing performance by applying system tweaks, managing storage solutions, and automating monitoring tasks.

Automated AKS Builds
Construct Kubernetes clusters from the Azure CLI in a consistent and predictable manner across every environment.

Securing Kubernetes
Implement a good, robust defense with an in-depth strategy of applying multiple layers of security to all components, including the human factor.

Kerberoasting Protection
Discover some of the safeguards and detection measures you can use against this exploitation technique of the Kerberos authentication protocol.

Security with SBOMs
A software bill of materials provides information about software components, enabling IT managers to respond better to attacks and vulnerabilities.

RFID Asset Tracking
Understanding the technologies and challenges involved in RFID asset tracking can help thwart potential attacks.

Sake Lightweight Automation
Run tasks on multiple servers at once with this lesser known command runner, which might serve you better than Ansible if your server fleet is large and the tasks to run are simple.

Tools that handle bare metal deployment are few and far between, but the free Tinkerbell program tackles this problem with a modern architecture that comes from the metal-as-a-service scene, allowing you to control the roll out through an API and configure systems with your automation tool of choice.

Bring artificial intelligence tools into everyday administration with AI-supported automation of some admin responsibilities.

Encrypted DNS over TLS
Prevent attackers from spying on DNS communication or manipulating responses by encrypting your DNS traffic on Linux with the DNS-over-TLS standard and the help of systemd-resolved.

Performance Dojo
Determine pi with embarrassingly parallel computation by throwing darts.

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