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Issue #71: Kubernetes

We show you how to get started with Kubernetes, and users share their insights into the container manager.

On the DVD: SystemRescue 9.04

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ADMIN magazine #71 - Print Issue

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Introduction to Kubernetes
Many admins find themselves struggling to get started with Kubernetes. We present the basic architecture and the most important components and terms.

The Kubernetes Experience
Users in corporate and government agencies that have successfully switched to Kubernetes share their positive experiences and the stumbling blocks to avoid.

Ceph 17.2
A robust update offers increased stability and more features with little overhead.

This library monitors running, static, and dynamically linked programs and collects detailed data for many file-I/O-related function calls.

Open Policy Agent
This open source policy engine offers a flexible way to manage user rights, especially in the challenging environments of the cloud and infrastructure as code.

SQL Server 2022 and Azure
The focus is on closer collaboration between on-premises SQL servers and SQL functions in Azure, including availability and data analysis.

The migrate2rocky script automatically migrates your CentOS 8 system to Rocky Linux -- an enterprise RHEL derivative created by CentOS co-founder Greg Kurtzer.

Rancher 2.5
An agile alternative to Red Hat OpenShift, Rancher is an efficient way to manage Kubernetes clusters, and the setup is significantly different from classic Kubernetes.

VXLAN addresses the need for overlay networks within virtualized data centers accommodating multiple tenants.

Detect Signs of Attacks
Deal with threat intelligence on the corporate network when the existing security tools are not effective.

Now that web content is encrypted by HTTPS, the underlying name resolution is often unprotected. We look at the classic DNS protocol and investigate whether DNS over HTTPS could be the solution to ensure the confidentiality of DNS requests.

Azure AD Guest
Cross-tenant access settings and user-friendly Access Reviews simplify the management of guest accounts in Azure Active Directory.

Roll Back Windows 11
If you want to try Windows 11 but keep your options open, we show you how to install it, restore it to its factory settings if it's misbehaving, or roll it back to Windows 10.

Apache OpenMeetings
The free video conferencing platform has comprehensive collaboration tools and can be hosted locally, so sensitive corporate data is not exposed to cloud services.

Get the strong isolation of virtual machines and lightweight behaviors of containers.

PowerShell Storage Automation
PowerShell succeeds when it comes to comprehensive automation where other tools that manage the hard drive inventory of Windows servers fall short.

The Quick UDP Internet Connections protocol comes with mandatory TLS encryption and promises faster speeds.

Performance Tuning Dojo
Defining I/O baselines helps you determine the highest performance you can expect from your system when configured properly.

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