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Issue #63: Automation

This issue we are all about automation and configuration with some tools to lighten your load.

On the DVD: Ubuntu 21.04 Server (Live)

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ADMIN magazine #63 - Print Issue

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* Rocky Linux RC1 now available
* AlmaLinux now enjoys commercial support
* The Linux Foundation exploring the impact of open source ecosystems
* Malware discovered in npm registry

Ansible Automator
This powerful automator does without complex syntax, self-documents, and performs well compared with other configuration management tools.

CFEngine 3
This less well known automation tool promises more efficient configuration management and strict compliance with policies.

Automation with Chef
The chef de automation combines configuration management, deployment monitoring, and integrated compliance checks.

The venerable rock of configuration management is not easy to master, but it is flexible and secure for those willing to learn.

This fast and reliable modular toolbox contains ready-made modules for many configuration management functions.

Docker and iptables
Tune the iptables configuration for Docker by establishing your own forwarding rules.

HTTP Versions
Discover the improvements made by HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 over HTTP/1.1.

Untangle NG Firewall
Apps come together like pieces of a jigsaw in this easy-to-use but still very powerful firewall solution.

Hyper-V Security
With the right settings and small tools, security in virtual environments can be increased significantly by tweaking the on-board tools.

Traefik promises not only to manage mesh implementations for container environments reliably, but to do so in a way that makes them enjoyable to administer.

Shadow Permissions in AWS
Malicious attackers are trying to conquer your AWS castle in the cloud. To mount a strong defense, you'll need a deeper understanding of privilege escalation and shadow admin permissions.

MySQL Security Tips
Security safeguards protect data on MySQL servers.

The danger of ransomware attacks calls for a robust backup and monitoring strategy.

Storage Protocols
The future of flexible, performant, and highly available storage.

Python Pattern Matching
A controversial change is taking place in Python version 3.10 known mainly from functional languages: pattern matching.

Performance Tuning Dojo
We look at the tools needed to discover, configure, and monitor an accelerated cloud instance, employing the simplest possible tool to get the job done.

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