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Issue #61: Secure Containers (with a Hypervisor DMZ)

Security is the watchword this issue, and we begin with eliminating container security concerns.

On the DVD: Clonezilla Live 2.7.0

ADMIN magazine #61 - Print Issue

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* Native edge computing comes to Red Hat Enterprise Linux
* IBM/Red Hat deals crushing blow to CentOS
* Linux Kernel 5.10 is ready for release 48
* CCanonical launches curated container images

Container Security with a DMZ
Container technology security is not well defined. We look at several approaches to closing this security gap with hypervisors and buffer zones.

This fast high-performance object storage server has a world-class S3 interface, with features even the original lacks.

Identity and access management plays a central role in modern IT infrastructures. Discover how OpenIAM implements centralized user management.

Version 8 of the popular PHP scripting language comes with a number of innovations and ditches some obsolete features.

Timeout in a Tarpit
Consume an attacker's resources or direct them to a throttled SSH server.

Apache Kafka
Apache Kafka continuously captures, processes, stores, and integrates data, almost in real time.

A unified interface and surface for orchestrating various clouds and Kubernetes.

Build Secure Containers
The basic container images on which you base your work can often be out of date. We show you how to solve this problem and create significantly leaner containers.

Secure Login with FIDO2
The FIDO and FIDO2 standards support passwordless authentication.

Cybersecurity and ML
Machine learning can address risks and help defend the IT infrastructure by strengthening and simplifying cybersecurity.

Run an on-premises single sign-on service with the option of integrating existing Kerberos or LDAP accounts.

Auto Install with PXE
Automate CentOS and RHEL installation in a preboot execution environment.

This intrusion detection and threat alert tool analyzes logs and identifies suspicious activity in real time.

Password Managers
Four password managers that can help you keep track of all your access credentials.

Parallel Performance
Why the wall clock time of your parallelized applications do not improve when adding cores.

Managing Microsoft IIS
Manage Microsoft IIS with on-board tools, including the well-known Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager, Windows Admin Center, and PowerShell.

Performance Tuning Dojo
We examine some mathemagical tools that approximate time-to-execute given the parallelizable segment of code.

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