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Issue #56: Secure DNS – Stop snooping and cache poisoning

In this issue, we look at solutions for encrypted DNS, so admins can block domains that distribute malware.

On the DVD: Kali Linux 2020.1 (Live)

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ADMIN magazine #56 - Print Issue

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* Open source software dominates the enterprise
* Linux systems vulnerable to attack
* Nine-year-old bug found and fixed in sudo
* systemd-homed is coming to a Linux distribution near you

Interview: Eric Herman
Eric Herman, Chairman of the MariaDB Foundation board, sheds light on the evolving focus of the custodians of one of the most popular and widely used databases.

Secure DNS
DNS encryption prevents the evaluation and filtering of name resolution in the enterprise.

NAS with Rockstor
Build a network-attached storage box with Rockstor to manage your data.

DevOps Orchestration Platform
Bootstrap an IT infrastructure dynamically or import details of an existing IT infrastructure locally on VirtualBox or in the Cloud.

Creating Virtual SSDs
An economical and high-performing hybrid NVMe SSD is exported to host servers that use it as a locally attached NVMe device.

Windows Admin Center
This browser-based remote management app for physical, virtual, and on-premises servers consolidates several Windows Server admin tools.

Cloud-native application bundles are an easy option for distributing applications in a microservice architecture.

Kubernetes for IoT
The k3s Kubernetes distribution handles both unattended workloads in remote locations with minimal resources and clusters of IoT appliances.

Kubernetes Security
We look at the options for authentication, authorization, and access control in Kubernetes clusters.

Azure AD Identity Governance
Security processes for organizations with users who access resources or collaborate with partners in the cloud.

Does OPNids combine the Suricata IDS with machine learning to detect attack threats automatically, as advertised?

Windows Defender App Control
Protect systems against threats that traditional virus scanners and signature-based mechanisms cannot detect by restricting applications in the user context and reducing the code allowed in the system kernel.

PowerShell and Exchange Online
Exchange Online in Office 365 can be managed just like its local counterpart with similar, sometimes identical, PowerShell cmdlets.

Analyzing Azure AD Logs
The relevant sign-in and audit logs in Azure Active Directory can be exported to external data sources to provide not only long-term archiving, but also the freedom to analyze the stored data.

Bash AWS Lambda Layer
A piece of old-meets-new functionality lets you run Bash scripts in an AWS Lambda layer.

Network Service Mesh
We explain how this new sandboxing project resembles a conventional service mesh and what makes it different.

Secure Data with stunnel
A TLS wrapper with extensive configuration options to secure your data over insecure wireless networks.

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