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Issue #52: Stop Social Engineering Attacks

In this issue, we help you keep human hacking at bay with the Social-Engineer Toolkit in BackBox Linux.

On the DVD: Fedora Server 30 (x86_64)

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ADMIN magazine #52 - Print Issue

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* New ransomware targeting Linuxbased NAS devices
* OpenSSH fixes side channel attacks
* Purdue scientists build quantum gate
* NSF awards $10 million for supercomputer that emphasizes cloud integration

Interview – Guido van Rossum
Guido van Rossum discusses Python's origin story, changes in leadership, and the future of the project.

Accelerate the automated testing of complex JavaScript applications in multiple browsers under real conditions.

Social Engineering
BackBox Linux includes the Social-Engineer Toolkit, which prepares you to keep social engineering attacks at bay.

Database Management
Graphical front ends help formulate SQL, so even newcomers can query databases.

Query your network just like a database.

Turn an old unused computer into a state-of-the-art router.

We help you get started with OpenShift and OKD using Minishift.

Container Origins
Up your security by determining the provenance of a container image.

Run your own registry for Docker images.

Create a honeypot that activates an alert in the real world.

Deploy Linux systems automatically and non-interactively on servers.

Save time and effort rummaging through your databases.

DNS Unbound
A secure DNSSEC-aware DNS caching resolver.

Speeding Up Python
We look at three tactics employed to speed up Python: Numba, Cython, and ctypes.

Samba Troubleshooting
Find and fix minor pitfalls that crop up after installing Samba.

Eclipse Orion
Orion is promising a new browser-based IDE designed to run on the network.

Performance Dojo
Learn how the osquery tool exposes system state in searchable form.

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