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Issue #49: Anatomy of an Attack

We cover security with open source pen testing tools, cryptographic keys, and web app testing with ZAP.

On the DVD: openSUSE Leap 15.0

ADMIN magazine #49 - Print Issue

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New vulnerabilities, including a zero-day in Microsoft Windows systems, three new ones in Systemd, and a SQLite susceptibility in browsers; plus, 39 patched Windows vulnerabilities and three major hacks at the end of 2018.

IBM to Buy Red Hat
Industry opinions are divided on the IBM purchase of Red Hat.

Anatomy of an Attack
Open source pen testing tools help you view an attack from the perspective of both the attacker and the defender.

Forwarding Cryptographic Keys
Cryptographic keys, usually available locally but not on remote computers, can be accessed for use in cloud environments.

AppSec Testing with ZAP
Pitting the OWASP Zed Attack Proxy against an insecure web app in a Docker container lets you tick a lot of security checkboxes.

OpenACC -- Parallelizing Loops
OpenACC is a great tool for parallelizing applications for a variety of processors. In this article, we look at one of the most powerful directives: parallel loop.

Kata Containers
Kata Containers adds an additional layer of isolation, and Docker users don't even have to learn new commands.

Migrate to the Cloud
Conventional applications run well in clouds with just a few tricks.

Kubernetes is known to be inflexible when it comes to persistent storage, but Rook now offers cloud-native storage and keeps the promise of redundant storage for cloud-native apps.

Container Tests
A new test tool by Google lets you peek inside Docker containers, so you can make sure they hold exactly what you expect.

The new Amazon Web Services cloud development kit for software-defined deployments adds a powerful new tool to the DevOps toolkit.

Modern Cyberattacks
The enforcement of company-wide security standards ensures a balance between IT threats and IT security in a Windows environment.

After a break-in, analyze important memory structures and read the volatile traces of an attack with support from the Python Volatility framework.

Chef Automate 2.0
One of the oldest automation solutions seeks to become a universal administration robot for cloud environments with its new version.

Data Security and Protection
Data protection and data security are similar-sounding aspects of information security: one legal and one technical.

MariaDB 10.3
What lacked maturity in version 10.2 has been sorted out in version 10.3 and now offers Oracle compatibility, as well.

Automatic OpenStack
Instance Configuration The OpenStack asset configuration tools include cloud-init, a script that automatically configures a large number of virtual servers in the cloud.

SuiteCRM 7
We look at this powerful open source enterprise customer relationship management solution.

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