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Issue #48: Security Risks of Inadequate Logging – Why the details matter

This issue explores logging and monitoring risks, ifenslave and libteam for teaming multiple NICs, and a symbolic math library.

On the DVD: Ubuntu Server 18.10

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ADMIN Magazine #48 - Print Issue

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Seven new Spectre/Meltdown flaws, two new bluetooth vulnerabilities, and a new vulnerability in Intel processors.

Quantum Computing with D-Wave
Quantum computing used to be an esoteric thought experiment for theoretical physicists, but now it is actually starting to happen. We spoke with Murray Thom of D-Wave, a company that is leading the way to this radical new vision.

Deficient Logging Risks
Although inadequate logging and monitoring cannot generally be exploited for attacks, it nevertheless significantly affects security.

Kernel Bonding vs. libteam
The Linux world has different implementations for integrating multiple network cards: kernel old-timer ifenslave and the younger libteam.

Python SymPy Library
The Python SymPy library for symbolic mathematics allows you to create complex mathematical expressions.

Recognize patterns in and draw conclusions from large datasets with the freely available KNIME open source software.

Dynamic Multipoint VPN
The VyOS Linux distribution puts network routing, firewall, and VPN functionality together for a fully working dynamic multipoint VPN router.

Kubernetes Auto Analyzer
The fast pace of Kubernetes development can patch and introduce security vulnerabilities between versions. The Kubernetes Auto Analyzer configuration analyzer tool automates the review of Kubernetes installations against CIS Benchmarks.

The Malware Information Sharing Platform lets you record and document security incidents – and share the information with users on other networks.

Hacker Lifecycle
Discover indicators of compromise with open source pen testing tools.

Ansible AWX
This freely available counterpart to Ansible Tower offers a GUI and options for an organized and structured approach to Ansible, with user management, reporting, and workflows.

Graylog Log Management
Graylog security information and event management combines real-time monitoring and immediate notification of rule violations with long-term archiving for analysis and reporting.

Share HPC systems among several users with the open source, scalable, and easy to install and customize Slurm job scheduler.

SQL Server on Linux
Microsoft developers made their massive SQL Server database system Linux ready; we'll help you set it up on your Linux system.

Automated Debugging of Bash Scripts
We look at various extension frameworks that make the life of developers and administrators easier when debugging a script.

PowerShell Best Practices
When PowerShell one-liners become full-blown scripts, it's time to look at PowerShell best practices for script design, notation, error handling, and documentation.

Performance Tuning Dojo
Use dd fluently to compare disk performance.

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