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Issue #44: Cloud Capacity Planning – How much cloud do you really need?

Cloud IT brings its own set of problems, including planning, deploying, and monitoring various implementations.

On the DVD: Caine 9.0 (64-bit)

ADMIN Magazine #44 - Print Issue

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* AMD confirms CTS Labs vulnerability reports
* Windows Remote Assistance vulnerability
* Arduino adds Rasp Pi and BeagleBone to the Arduino Create platform
* Linux Foundation announces an embedded hypervisor

Cloud Capacity Planning
With the right approaches and tools, you can design and manage cloud hardware as efficiently as possible -- and discover as early as possible when to upgrade.

Azure Stack
This Azure extension implements an on-premises data center for consistent hybrid cloud deployments.

Cloud Monitoring
When dozens of new services and VMs emerge and disappear every day in dynamic cloud environments, conventional monitoring provides false alarms, not operational security.

Cloud Migration
Outsourcing business applications to the cloud could expose your company to some treacherous winds.

AWS with Ansible
Designing your own hybrid IT structure might be technically elegant and cost effective, but setup is time consuming. Thanks to Ansible, it might take less work than you think.

Scout2 AWS Audit Tool
An open source auditing tool that helps you keep your AWS environments secure.

This lightweight, fast, HTML engine renders websites with ease at a low cost and with high speed and security.

Automated Jenkins CI
A Jenkins build pipeline frees developers from repetitive manual build tasks by facilitating automation, with broad traceability and continuous logging and feedback.

I/O Schedulers
The Linux kernel has several I/O schedulers that can greatly influence performance. We look at I/O scheduler concepts and options in Linux.

Safe Containers
Docker containers are a convenient way to run almost any service, but admins should be aware of the need to address some important security issues.

Group Policy Scripts
Incorporating scripts into group policies can make a sys admin's job much easier.

Apache Spot
Security vulnerabilities often remain unknown when the data they reveal is buried in the depths of logfiles. Apache Spot uses big data and machine learning technologies to sniff out known and unknown IT security threats.

Active Directory Security
To prevent an intruder attack in Active Directory, Windows Server's security features along with freeware monitoring can save the day.

Database Optimization
Database administrators at the Swiss foundation Switch were increasingly encountering corrupt data, which prompted a painstaking bug hunt. The solution they found increased performance by a factor of six.

Server 2016 Optimization
With Windows Server 2016, tweaking the settings and taking advantage of performance monitoring tools can help boost your system's performance.

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