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Issue #43: Real World AWS – Building the cloud in your IT environment

In this issue, we share some collaboration tools and tips and help you set up AWS for your SMB.

On the DVD: CentOS 7-1708 (64-bit) and Tails 3.5 (64-bit)

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ADMIN Magazine #43 - Print Issue

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* Electron app vulnerability.
* WordPress sites infected by malware.
* Torvalds calls Intel's patch garbage.
* AMT flaw in Intel chips allows attacker to create a backdoor.
* First malware for Mac OS in 2018.

Meet Kelsey Hightower
Google developer advocate Kelsey Hightower shares his enthusiasm for open source and the Kubernetes container orchestration project.

Shared Secrets
Certain information needs to be authenticated against servers, and you don't want to retype it every time. How can you share these secrets?

Free Collaboration Tools
Want to keep your teams connected even when they are disconnected? The free tools RetroShare, SparkleShare, and I2P support chat, data sharing, and other collaboration services.

Server in a Cloud
We show you how to configure a web server and mirrored back-end database for a small to mid-sized business environment.

NAS with Rockstor
Set up network-attached storage and manage it from a web interface with Rockstor and the Btrfs filesystem.

Agile Ubuntu Work Center
Jira, Confluence, and GitLab are very popular DevOps tools and often form the basis for agile work flows. With the right Ansible playbooks, Ubuntu can be turned into an agile work center.

Website releases can take place several times a day. Terraform helps you roll out virtual machines automatically in your data center or in the cloud.

OpenShift Progress Report
Red Hat continues to improve the OpenShift Kubernetes distribution.

LibreOffice at Work
We give you tips on how to migrate to LibreOffice in a corporate environment. In particular, you cannot underestimate acceptance by employees.

Clevis and Tang
When booting a computer with encrypted hard disk partitions, you need to enter a matching passphrase to unlock the drive. We show you how to automate this process and link it to a policy.

Storage Spaces Direct
In Windows Server 2016, software-defined storage lets you combine several volumes to create a central storage pool; then, you can use a combination of HDD, SSD, and NVMe SSD storage media to divide the pool into different volumes.

Server 2016 and Azure
Microsoft continues to integrate Windows Server with the Azure cloud. With Cloud Witness and the RDS Connection Broker, you can operate distributed environments more reliably and efficiently.

Huginn collects information and data from websites and processes and mails it to a user. You can also use Huginn to execute predefined actions automatically for certain events.

IAM in the Cloud
Offers for identity management as a service (IDaaS) are entering the market and promising simplicity. However, many lack functionality, adaptability, and in-depth integration with existing systems. We look at how IT managers should consider IDaaS in their strategy.

System Logging
To be a good HPC system administrator for today's environment, you need to be a lumberjack and log everything.

HPC Compilers
Compiling software on an expensive supercomputer requires careful choice of languages and compilers. We look at some tried-and-proved tools.

Docker Forensics
The handy auditd package can help track down weaknesses in your system before, during, or after an attack.

Container Scans
Containers are finding their way into business-critical environments, which is reason enough to think about how to examine the deployed container images for weak points.

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