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Issue #42: Securing Switch Ports

Switch port security, policy-based DNS in Windows Server 2016, and a talk with SUSE's CEO.

On the DVD: Knoppix 8.1 (Multiarch Live) and Ubuntu 17.10 Server (64-bit)

ADMIN Magazine #42 - Print Issue

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Attacks on AI Bluetooth and Intel processors, vulnerability in Oracle Identity Manager, and containerizing OpenStack.

AMD's Greg Stoner on ROCm
Exploring AMD’s ambitious Radeon Open Compute Ecosystem with ROCm senior director Greg Stoner.

Interview – Nils Brauckmann
This month we talk with SUSE CEO Nils Brauckmann.

Switch Port Security
What happens when an intruder with a laptop parks at an empty cubicle and attaches to your local network? If you don't want to find out, it might be time to think about implementing some switch port security.

Policy-Based DNS
Customized name resolution with this powerful method for Windows Server 2016.

Google develops a software tool that is a genuine alternative to Gzip, with improved website compression rates that save bandwidth.

DevOps with DebOps
The DebOps collection of Ansible playbooks for Debian-based Linux systems saves the time usually used to create new roles and playbooks.

GlusterFS Container Storage
We look at storage management and how storage of persistent data can be leveraged within containers.

This web framework includes a Haskell compiler on top of the standard web technologies, with aggressive optimization and function checks for correctness.

This free tool for managing software projects comes with a bug tracker, a wiki, and a collection of useful daemons.

Multicore Python
Creating Python modules with Fortran OpenMP code makes all available cores accessible to Python functions.

Proxmox 5.0
For years, developers have been working on this virtualization manager that does not require a cloud. We look at the improved reliability and new features in version 5.0.

We look at automated compliance testing with InSpec for the secure operation of enterprise IT.

HPC Admin CLI Tools
Several sophisticated commandline tools can help you manage and troubleshoot HPC (or other) systems.

Windows 10 and SSDs
Computers are traditionally optimized for magnetic hard drives. We show you how to configure Windows 10 for optimal operation with SSDs.

Windows Subsystem for Linux
If you don’t want to do without the main advantages of Linux on the Windows platform, the Windows Subsystem for Linux offers another option. We delve the depths of the Linux underworld and explain how you can optimize the subsystem.

Common DevOps Mistakes
From industry metaphors, to agile processes, to DevOps, software development is evolving into a mature enterprise. We point out some missteps in the adoption of the DevOps methodology.

Win Server 2016 Essentials
Small businesses often do not need the full-blown version of Windows Server 2016. In these cases, the cheaper Essentials version might be the ideal solution.

Regex in PowerShell
Almost all programming and scripting languages allow the use of regular expressions, but many professionals still believe regex is a relic from ancient times. We explore some benefits of regex in PowerShell.

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