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Issue #26: OpenShift

We look at a Linux distro tailored to run on network switches and a PaaS for web devs to integrate the cloud.

On the DVD: Oracle Linux 7.1 and pfSense

ADMIN #26 - Print Issue

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Cumulus Linux
The Cumulus Linux distro runs on network switches – and even supports remote provisioning with a little help from the ONIE boot environment.

Red Hat’s OpenShift cloud service helps web developers get websites up and running quickly. We’ll show you how to get started with your own OpenShift website.

Secure Email Providers
Many companies are opting for encrypted email with servers located in a privacy-conscious country. We compare four secure mail alternatives.

Dovecot and S3
The Amazon S3 plugin for the Dovecot mail server helps admins deal with mail scalability problems.

Kali Linux Security
The huge choice of security tools in the Kali Linux distro lets you locate and eliminate security vulnerabilities fast.

Watchman watches files and directories for changes and triggers actions when specific changes are noted.

TurnKey Linux
TurnKey Linux enterprise solutions create test environments for evaluating open source system and business software on a local system, on a virtual machine, or in the cloud.

Data Virtualization
JBoss Data Virtualization software applications receive a uniform interface to all data – regardless of its source.

The LIO multiple-protocol SCSI target is perfectly suited for complex test environments, especially with its support for SCSI standards across the board.

Network Monitoring
SNMP and a couple of scripts are all it takes to keep track of your device jungle.

Batch vs. VBScript vs. PowerShell
We compare the performance of batch, VBScript, and PowerShell commands with four standard tasks.

Monitoring with PowerShell
Collect basic health and performance data.

FreeNAS and Active Directory
FreeNAS offers a powerful array of features. We look at integrating Windows Active Directory, taking snapshots, replicating, and backing up.

TCP Stealth
TCP Stealth is an extension of the threeway handshake with an integrity check.

Virtuous Benchmarks
A collection of single- and multinode performance benchmarks is an excellent place to start when debugging a user’s application that isn’t running well.

Blending Java
Java is not just about beans. It’s also about the huge variety of libraries and frameworks that keep the language alive. If you feel like a bit of blending, Java integrates many flavors of thirdparty languages.

Storage Pools and Spaces
Storage spaces and storage pools combine a variety of storage technologies into a single logical unit, ensuring high availability and a choice of resiliency capability.

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