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Issue #25: Safe Email

This month, we tackle some next-generation safe email techniques.

On the DVD: Fedora 21 Server 64-bit and Kali Linux v1.0.9a 32-bit

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DIME and Dark Mail

Email has the reputation of being insecure, unreliable, and easy for anyone to read – just like a postcard. A new initiative hopes to replace oldfashioned email with a new medium.


Bank on DANE if you want to be sure a mail server or a firewall will not switch off encryption for a message in transit.


Microsoft’s WIMBoot lets you run Windows 8.1 from a compressed file on a solid state drive.

Configuring IPv6 on Windows

IPv6 settings in Windows sometimes need fine tuning with NetShell.


This useful anti-spam tool retrofits email with sender verification.


Zentyal Server

This standalone server system makes its easy to set up web servers, email servers, and firewalls.

R and Python

The statistical programming language R dissects its database in a masterful way, and you can embed your R in Python using the Rpy2 interface.

Automating Builds

Automating your system builds can save a lot of time. We describe the steps for a minimal installation using CentOS and Kickstart.

SBCs for HPC

Single-board computers, such as the Raspberry Pi, are low cost and low power, but are they ready for HPC?

Cluster-Aware Updating

Microsoft’s Cluster-Aware Updating service gracefully handles OS and application updates within your cluster.


This Free Network-Attached Storage solution offers a range of features to suit your needs.


Deis PaaS Platform

Deis combines Docker and CoreOS to create a platform-as-a-service tool, and the developers say version 1.0 is ready for production.


Rasp Pi Network Monitoring

Icinga on the Raspberry Pi monitors your network, letting you see the good, the bad, and the ugly, so you can address problems proactively.


Keep close watch on your systems with this customizable logfile analysis tool.

Nuts and Bolts

Software Security Techniques

Kernel and compiler security techniques, together with sound programming practices, fend off memory corruption exploits.

Audit Daemon

Use this powerful audit framework to log events on your Linux system.

EDF Scheduler

The superior “Earliest Deadline First” task scheduling method has been part of Linux since kernel 3.14.

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