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Issue #13: IPv6 Tunnels

In this issue, we create a Windows To Go USB drive, configure FreeBSD jails, and look at Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix 12.04.

On the DVD: Fedora 18

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ADMIN #13 - Print Issue

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OpenMP Interview: What’s new in the quintessential HPC coding spec.

Windows 8 on a USB Drive: We show you how to create a noncertified Windows To Go USB drive.

FreeBSD Jails: Jails provide an extra level of security and a serving of virtualization on the side.

Ubuntu Enterprise: Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix 12.04 LTS: a low-budget enterprise desktop.

Save time and simplify your workday with these useful tools for real-world systems administration.

Windows Server 2012 Tricks: Twelve of the best tricks for Windows Server 2012.

Exchange Server 2013: We explore some new features of the latest Microsoft Exchange server.

Flask: Create Python web applications with Flask.

Virtual environments are becoming faster, more secure, and easier to set up and use. Check out these tools.

OpenStack Cloud Installation: Setting up and configuring a basic OpenStack cloud.

VNC and Spice: Graphics on KVM-based VMs with VNC and Spice.

Use these practical apps to extend, simplify, and automate routine admin tasks.

Nagios and VoIP: Nagios alerts via VoIP.

Windows Licenses: Understanding Windows Server 2012 licensing options.

Whenjobs: Learn about a cron substitute with simpler syntax and support for dependencies between jobs.

Timely tutorials on fundamental techniques for systems administrators.

Profiling: The Key to Survival Determine which processors are right for your HPC code.

Admin Story – MongoDB and Bottle: Create web apps with MongoDB and the Bottle micro web framework.

Unicode Migration: Migrating Oracle databases to the Unicode character set.

IPv6 Tunneling Options: Implementing IPv6 in an IPv4 world via tunnels.

Multi-/Many Cores in HPC: Multicore CPUs, many-core GP-GPUs, and hardware choices.

SHA-3: SHA-3 is coming, but most users haven’t moved on to SHA-2 yet.

SQL injections: Find vulnerable code with SQLmap.

Performance Tuning Dojo: Checking system information in the /proc filesystem.

Find out about the latest ploys and toys in the world of information technology.

News: European Commission establishes European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) at Europol; Samba 4.0 launched; OpenShift Enterprise released; Cassandra v1.2 announced.

New Products: Hortonworks Sandbox learning environment; ObjectRocket and MongoDB.

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